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Impression in Australia

Muhammad Alfian Wahyu Gumelar :

One of many unforgettable things I experienced in Perth was making new friends. I stayed in the family of Nowrojee’s house. In my homestay, I made two new friends. They were Leo (17) and Anthony (18).

Muhammad Alfian Wahyu Gumelar

Leo came from China. His Chinese name was Tianqi Zhan. He was a good and clever boy (that was what I like about Chinese people). In my 2nd day in Perth, he asked me and my friend Ridho (whom also stayed in the same house) out. He taught us how to catch TransPerth buses and trains. He brought us to Perth City and we went shopping there. I, Ridho, and Leo studied in the same classroom in Phoenix Academy. I and Leo even were in the same table.

Anthony came from Vietnam. I didn’t know much about him. He is a shy person. Every Friday and Saturday he stayed in his uncle’s house instead. His English was not so good and it made me difficult to communicate with him. But, he is a nice boy. He always went to church. I, Ridho, and Anthony often went to Phoenix Academy together by bus. Sometimes he also prepared my breakfast.

Leo and Anthony made my two weeks in Perth really wonderful. Too bad, two weeks were too short for us. I felt hard when I was about to leave them. “I miss you so much. I am eager to meet you again sometime.”

Hay, My name is Anisa, I’m from X.2. I wanna tell to you about my trip in Perth, Australia.


Many things that I could learn from Australia. All of people in there was very kind, and respect from the little things until big things, and they are very hardworking people.. I know it’s was my first time to go to Australia but I think I want to come back to Australia again. Because I felt, Australia is my second country.


There are so many different cultures from Indonesia. In Australia nothing thick book but we use a paper and many practices.


The most memorable are when I was  going to school I had to waiting bus and train, and also I had to walk to my school. I studied  in Phoenix Academy and Canning College. I met many peoples from the different countries, such as : China, Thailand, Hongkong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Italia.


I enjoyed the sceneries. And the fun memorable is when I and my friend got  lost in Perth city, but finally we were able to find the way to go home.
My mom was very kind to me, but she lived alone. My mom  made me a nice fried rice, delicious soup, and the desert was ice cream. Thank you Mom, you are very lovely !!


I hope I can come back to Australia with the same houseparent and same school again, because I miss them a lot. The last word that my mom said is “the plane that to Indonesia usually  flies over my house, and I will wave my hands to you”


Well, I think I can’t tell it again because it makes me remember about my mom in Australia and makes me cry. Something I can say just “Amazing of Australian People”. And I thank you to Mr.Billy, Mr Dennis and the others teachers, especially my Mom who loves me very much here in Ponorogo city, East java,Indonesia^_^


Australia?  If I heard this word, I want to go back there. 2 weeks I  joined the  immersion progams  under sister school program from my school to visit Perth, Western Australia. I got wonderful experience there and I could get the experiences about how to apreciate the value of food, money and especially, time.

Australian people are punctual people. If in Indonesia, we know most of the people are not on time if they have  schedules, I hate it very much. Now,  after I come back to Indonesia.. ,Alhamdulillah I have became a punctual person. I am never late to go to school and always come to school early every day.

This is the first time I went to Australia

My impression here is that I love the people orderly, friendly, and clean environment

and that I like from here is a learning process in schools because it emphasizes more practice than theory

I gained a lot of lessons here, I can appreciate the time, appreciate the money, and appreciate food

I hope one day I will be able go back there again.

#Nabilah Zahra Ayu Rizqy

“….An amazing experience when I had opportunity to join the sisters school program to Australia on November 2012. Many wonderful experiences I got. I stayed with host parent in there. Their name were Robert and June Nowrojee. I was not their son, but they treated me like their own son. Beside me and my friend from Magetan, there were 2 other boys who stayed in same house. They were Chinese boy and Vietnamese boy. The Chinese boy named Leo, 17 years old, and the name of Vietnamese boy is Anthony, 18 years old. They studied English language in the Phoenix Academy, same with me. My host parent were so kind, patient and lovely. They prepared our breakfast before we went to school, and prepared our dinner. We had dinner together. After dinner, we watched television and chatted together. Sometimes, they made jokes that made us laughed. Beside that, they also took us to the some places, such as beach, train station etc. I was so happy. Their hospitality was the one of my reasons I felt like at home there. Thank you so much, Robert and June for the beautiful experiences. I Still Call Australia Home…”


            Hello, My name is Rusydina, I’m from X.7. I wanna tell you just a little bit about my memorable experiences when I was in Perth, Australia.

          Actually, I can’t explain because words can’t describe how I feel there. I really had a great time in my life that I never forget! Wow! Australia is an amazing country. There are so many things that I could learn from Australia. The people have an awareness to be discipline, respect with the other, hardwork, and try to appreciate anything.

          Yeah, you know that there are so many many different cultures between Australia and Indonesia. I could take the positive ones and I let the negative ones.

          When I was in Perth, the most I love is waking up in the morning and going to school by bus, train, and also by on foot, that I’ll never did in Indonesia going to school every day by train. Maybe that’s very impossible, ha..ha.

          I miss when I walked around in Perth city with my friends, went to Kings Park, Touched the Kangaroos and Koala, and enjoyed the beautiful sceneries.

          In Perth, Australia, I also studied there. I was studied at Phoenix Academy (Just for English class), and studied at Canning College ( English, Maths, and Science classes). I was so happy to be there. I met many friends from different countries, such as: China, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, and Korea. They are very friendly and kind. I love them. And I love my hostparents too. My mom is a Spanish and my dad is an Irish. I’m so grateful, because I love Spanish, hoho. My mom was made me a Spanish, China, and Mexico’s foods. She’s very good at cooking! And my dad is very a hardworker.

          The thing that I wonder in Australia, there aren’t any motorcycles there! Just not like here. The streets are clean and neat. The air is very fresh, and the weather is cold. I wish, someday I can go back to Perth again. I miss that moments.

          Well, I think enough. I can’t tell you more than this. Because, it’s hard to me to write down what’s all in my head and what’s on my mind about Australia. Just one word from me, Australia is very “FANTASTIC”!

I’m very glad that after having the series of test for the selection test for the applicants who wanted to join in Sister school program to Australia, at last my teacher informed me that I had to go to Perth, Western Australia to have immersion study program.. Thank God, .., that news made me cry and happy in the same time. I should thank to all of the people who helped me to make this dream come true.

The day when we arrived in Australia,  I liked the fresh air, cool weather and clean place. The street was not so crowded especially in my host fam’s neighbourhood  and my hostparent was very good. Her name was Mrs.Elizabeth Jan. I got many things to learn from her and  everything could be a new motivationfor me. Writing this comment makes me miss Mrs. Elizabeth Jan now:’) ..I really miss you. ..And I had a nice and cool’s neighbour. his name wasChamp. He was tall, handsome, and friendly. Because we had the same school, on the first day of m school ,I went with him to school together like a couple..Ha..ha..

The first program was we should study at Phoenic Academy where this institution forced us to learn English as Second language,  do You now ?..Generally, we use English as Foreign language here in our country, Indonesia, but when we had to use it as Second language, like daily English for conversation, everything became easy though it was really hard to understand when someone spoke in English at the first day we arrived in Australia, because their accent was rather strange, like British accent.

After finishing this program, we had to go to another school, . that was canning College, where there were many International students came from all over the world. This school was like Bridging school before going to Universities in Australia. Here, we learned about Sciences mostly. The facilities were excellent, the school cafeteria, and everything, especially the friendliness of the teachers. Mr. Denis Mahar, the vice principal of Curriculum, helped us a lot while we were studying at Canning College. This school was also connected to Curtin University where we always spent our spare time to visit this excellent University.

Our program did not focus on studying only, but sometimes we hanged around the Perth city, enjoyed the scenery of Perth city, especially King’s Park, and Caversham Zoo, Chocolate’s factory, Hillary’s harbor, Fremantle city. Well,  honestly, this program was too short for us, only 20 days, if possible, make it for one month full program. I wish..

Amazing Experience in Perth, Western Australia

Hi! I’m Ulfa Larasati. Do you see that picture? I’m the shortest one of course. But no, I want you to see the man and the woman beside me. Yup, those are my teachers in Perth, western Australia. And I will share my experience of 14 days in Perth to you. Now!

I did not go there all by myself. I had a group which was consist of 13 student from 2 different schools, one amazing teacher, and super cool guide.

We arrived in Perth at 4 a.m. after having a long long trip from Bali to Perth. Feeling very exhausted but so excited. At the first time we came, in our thought just appeard “wow!” word. No matter what we saw. Perth was so clean, cold, and beautiful.

we went directly to  school in Phoenix Academy only for 3 days because we had to take the orientation first and there’s another schedule that our guide had already  arranged.

Well. First day would always be the the first of everything. We had to make adaptation with our new environment, new class, new teachers, and new friends. But fortunately I was in to Margareth’s class. I met friends from around the world. Like Japan, China, Hongkong, Thailand, and Vietnam. Interesting right?  Because Many people with different nationalities  study together in 1 class.

I got many presents from Margareth because I got good mark in some tests that she gave. I got ‘yoyo’, little koala doll that holding an Australian flag. It  was really cute. I made friends with some student as well. They were amazing teenagers because they came in Perth far from their home just wanted to have better education for their life. I wish i could be like that. You are too. Education is everything, Right?

After three days, me and my group were graduated from Phoenix Academy. I felt upset because I couldn’t see their bright face again. But i felt happy because, at least, i got precious experience even just three days with them. And I promise to my self that I had to back again to Perth. Wish me luck!

But, the stories still continue,..We move from Phoenix Academy after learning English as Second Language and went to Canning College, In Bentley,..and my other friends will tell you about that..see you

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