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Profile of R-SMA-BI Negeri 1 Magetan in English




SMAN 1 MAGETAN At A glance

SMA Negeri 1 Magetan is one of oldest school in Magetan, established on August 1st 1961 with the total number of 8 rooms. Over the time and people’s confidence has grown to be Pioneering independent school category / National Standardized School in school year of 2007/ 2008 and at next school year 2010/2011 be R-SMA-BI. Studying group amounted to 27 group, supported by professional staff and experienced teacher also contributed his devotion to the advancement of the nation.

In order to attain these educational goals, we have adopted 80 minutes for each subject in the classes. All while carefully selecting and preparing school event, the goal is developing higher quality classes. Our school has a great passion for both school events and club activities. Thanks to the semester system our school events are evenly spread out to allow students to participate in school events or club activities with a greater sense of freedom. We greatly appreciate and highly value the initiative of our students during events such as the Traditional Culture Festival, book bazaar, Band Festival, Food bazaar, Smasa Movie Festival, Quiz competition. After having spent six greatly enriching years at SMAN 1 Magetan, our students will have the confidence and the ability to advance down their chosen career path. We look forward to your matriculation at SMAN 1 Magetan.

International Understanding

 SMAN 1 Magetan special area of concertration is international understanding. We currently have exchange programs under YES, AFS, JENESYS running with Yamato Nishi High School in Japan, Virginia High School in USA.Our students visit those sister schools annually, participating in a home stay, sitting in on class and experiencing high school life in each country.

In addition, every year several students participate in exchange programs in other countries. At last year we currently had student in America on year-long exchanges. Moreover, we have a system in place thet result in long-term and short-term exchange students from foreign countries coming to Indonesia.

As for exchanges within Indonesia, we currenly have an exchange program under AFS, conducting in on each other events and even a short home-stay. For the next planning in establishing the sister school program, SMAN 1 Magetan make an effort to visit some schools in Perth, Australia.


Faithful, devoted, noble, personable, quality and competitive, creative and innovative.


  •  Forming a religious person.
  •  Cultivating lifestyle: healthy, independent, discipline, responsibility, democratic.
  •  Commitment and professional skills.
  • Form the basic skills and attitudes genius.


1st year 2nd year Science Class 2nd year Social Class 3rd year Scince Class 3rd year Social Class
Religius Edu. Religius Edu. Religius Edu. Religius Edu. Religius Edu.
Civic Edu. Civic Edu. Civic Edu. Civic Edu. Civic Edu.
Indonesian Indonesian Indonesian Indonesian Indonesian
English English English English English
Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics
Physics Physics History Physics History
Chemical Chemical Geography Chemical Geography
Biology Biology Economy Biology Economy
History Art Class Sociology Art Class Sociology
Geography Sports Art Class Sports Art Class
Economy Computer Sports Computer Sports
Sociology Germany Computer Germany Computer
Art Class English Tourism Germany English Tourism Germany
Sports History English Tourism History English Tourism
Computer    Â
Germany    Â
English Tourism    Â


Club Activities

Among the teams, the Broadcasting Club at SMAN 1 Magetan have done quite well recently. And badminton, soccer, basketball, and tennis club are competitive at regional level. As for the culture and arts clubs, the band and drama, they also participated in many concert and performances. The other clubs are also very active.

Information Technology

SMAN 1 Magetan is well equipped with computers, each connected to internet. There are 80 computers in the 2 computer classrooms and 40 computers for each computer classroom room, 27 for each classroom, 1 in career guidance center, 5 in the library that students are free to use.

There are also 2000 books in the library, giving SMAN 1 Magetan students access to a wealth information. The library system is very efficient so Students and teachers can request information for reference books in the classroom and for research.

Students Council

The students council consists of active students in organizing event that related to school activities, all of the extracurricular activity club and various committees, such as the cleaning and broadcasting committees. With the help of teachers, the student council is responsible for the daily operations of classrooms and also school events.

Many students organizations use this as a chance to show off what they done and to give performances, into which they put a lot of time.

In addition, the various committee to raise the fund by collecting it from the people to help the victims of natural disasters by publishing it in the school magazines-MAHARDHIKA, one to raise money for social causes and many others to give students a chance to make a difference goals or experience.


a. Classrooms with LCD projector.

b. Laboratory space with ICT.

  • Physics
  •  Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Laboratory
  • Digital language
  • 2 computer rooms
  •  Green house
  •  Internet

c. The library is equipped with a network of Internet and books – books are adequate.

d. Free hotspot area.

e. Hall with a capacity of 1000 people to support the school / students.

f. Field is spacious, clean, shady and beautiful gardens.

g. Adequate sports facilities :

  • 2 volleyball field
  •  Basketball field
  •  Tennis court
  •  Futsal field
  •  badminton court.

h. Teacher Resource and Reference Center room (TRRC).

i. School canteen representative.

j. Adequate parking.

k. Mosques are clean and adequate.

l. School’s strategic location and easy to reach from all directions.

m. Bathrooms are clean and adequate.




  • Computer
  •  National Science Olympiad
  •  Student Research
  •  English Conversation Club (ECC)
  •  Read and write Al Quran
  •  Broadcasting
  •  Drama
  •  Choir
  •  Nasyid
  •  Band
  •  Dancing
  •  Traditional Music (Karawitan)
  •  Painting
  •  Scout
  •  Youth Red Cross
  •  Soccer / Futsal
  •  Basketball
  •  Badminton
  • Tennis
  •  Volley ball

Educators and Educational Personnel

a. Educator :

  • 77 people
  • Qualification Undergraduate program : 75 persons
  • Qualification Graduate program : 5 persons
  • In increasing qualification Graduate Prog.: 15 persons
  • In increasing qualification Doctorate prog.: 1 person
  • Outstanding teacher

b. Educational Personnel

  • 21 people

Output and Outcome

a. Output

  •  School year of 2009 / 2010, 377 students passed the national exam A category

b. Outcome

  •  State college (PTN) : 207 students
  • Private college favorites (PTN) : 98 students
  •  Got a job :13 persons
  •  Not detected : 59 persons
  •  Riska Kunti R, students who follow YES program (student exchange program) to USA.
  •  Hanif Ari Rahmatika, students who are selected as a national champion youth pioneer orderly traffic.

International Understanding

Sebastian and Robin with the Principle of SMAN 1 Magetan
German Exchange Student-AFS Program 2011


Exchange Student to Japan – AFS-JENESYS Program 2008-2009
Ryan Paramaartha-YAMATO NISHI Senior High school-Kanagawa-Japan.


Japanese Culture Class
International Multicultural Centre (IMC) 2011


Katrin I. Voss
German Exchange Student-AFS Program 2009-2010

Indonesian exchange student to Buena Vista, Virginia-USA 2011

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